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Roy Barreras

Roy Barreras, Senator of the Historical Pact.


Jaiver Nieto Álvarez /ETCE

Roy Barreras, senator of the Historical Pact.

The president of Congress spoke after confirming that he has cancer.

The president of Congress, Roy Barreras, He spoke this Monday night about the cancer that was detected last week in the Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation.

“My life has been a sum of challenges and I am sure that with faith and the support of my family I will also overcome it,” he said.

(In context: Roy Barreras, president of Congress, has cancer)

In a 51-second video shared on his Twitter account, the senator explained what is coming for him after being diagnosed with a adenocarcinoma of the lower digestive tract.

“I am going to go to the medical board, which is going to decide how to treat this finding that has appeared in my check-up, which is a small colon cancer that has appeared in the lower digestive tract,” the senator began.

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He added that this cancer has a treatment, that it is cured “if one is judicious.”

The president of congress He took the opportunity to send a message to his family, as well as to Colombian families.

“It’s always good to have routine check-ups. Thanks to that check-up I caught this at an early stage. And the other thing is that cancer is curable. If you have a family member who is going through these circumstances, don’t worry, there is treatment, there is a cure for the vast majority of these cases.

(In other news: ‘Jota Pe’ Hernández explodes after buying the Presidency: ‘Be consistent’)

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