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Several trips to the Cannes Film Festival, dozens of films in New York, Dubai, Switzerland or Madrid and even a session with Kendall Jenner. the agenda of this Parisian of Algiers origin up in smoke, but Sabrina Lonore (38 years old) He has his feet on the ground. A few years ago I declined the hotel’s invitation four seasons to open a branch of One day, one regard (as their centers are called) in the exclusive Canalejas galley. To explain how this law student has become the most valued eyebrow designer in the world.

emmanuel lonorebusinessman behind One day, one regard Y Sabrina’s couple for twenty-two years, he intervenes before this interview begins: “He’s like a shaman. When he sees a client come through the door, he already knows if she has slept well or if she has a problem. When she comes out, she has another look.” It all started twenty years ago. “I started doing massages for Kenzo and one of my clients asked me to accompany her to Africa to open a beauty salon.” It was there that Sabrina came into contact with the craft of meter source (something like eyebrow master). “Many women came to the center looking for a way to recover their eyebrows after going through cancer processes and I decided to learn the techniques capable of returning their gaze.” Today, Sabrina has two centers in Paris, one in New York and just opened at number 13 of the Vázquez street in Madrid.

Why did you choose Madrid to open one of your eyebrow salons?
Seven years ago I met Nieves Álvarez at the Chopard Suite (the classic beauty space at the Cannes Film Festival). I remember that she was afraid that I would change the expression of her gaze, but when she looked in the mirror after the session, she told me that she had been looking for me for years without knowing it. She introduced me to Naty (Abascal), who in turn put me in contact with Isabel Preysler. And so I began to come to Madrid to come and work with them.
How would you define the look?
As the facial features that make up the expression of a face: the eyebrows, the eyelashes, the line of the eyelashes and the mouth. My job consists of make subtle tweaks for overall improvement.
The mouth too?
Yes, it is essential in an expression. I use micropigmentation and work with a very fine needle to redraw the contours and restore color to the lips, which tend to pale over time. The result is your mouth, but prettier. And the effect lasts a year.
And how do you design and work the eyebrows?
To make the design I exclusively use the clamp because, unlike wax or thread, it allows me to do an artisan work. In addition, the other techniques modify the structure of the hair and, therefore, of the eyebrow. After the design, I assess the need for manual micropigmentation.

I carry out manual eyebrow micropigmentation with the bamboo technique, which is more traditional and offers a more subtle result.

What is eyebrow micropigmentation?
I use the bamboo technique: an artisan tattoo that allows me to control the pressure to do a precise job. The difference with machine micropigmentation (which is handled in all eyebrow centers) is that the result is more subtle.
Do you draw the eyebrow?
Yes, but only where hair is missing to enhance its natural shape. The advantage of this technique is that, thanks to the depth with which I work, the result is temporary. This point is very important because everything that remains ends up being artificial.
What do you think about microblading for eyebrows?
This technique cuts the skin to introduce pigment. Over time, that pigment turns orange and the effect is irreversible.
And the eyelashes?
I don’t like very obvious ones, I find them vulgar. I work three techniques: dye, curl and eyeliner, which is a very subtle outline that lasts a year.
Don’t you do eyelash extensions?
Yes, but occasionally: for a birthday, a party… Extensions are addictive.

Price: Design of eyebrows: 45 to 70. Pigmentation: 320 to 480 . Eyeliner: 290 to 350. Lip pigmentation: 390 to 690.

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