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Smart working does not stop on May 31st, with the end of the state of emergency linked to Covid, but it will continue for several weeks. The novelty came with an amendment in the Social Affairs Commission to the so-called “Covid reopening decree”. But the possibility of simplified access to remote work is not the same for all workers

In particular, the amendment has extended until June 30th the protection regime for i fragile workersboth from the public and private sectors

Besides, it was extended from 30 June to 31 August the simplified smart working for the private sector

Until 31 August, therefore, the simplified communication mode for smart working is allowed for all workers in the private sector: that is, the use of smart working is allowed without the individual agreement between the employer and the worker

The employer, therefore, will be required to communicate electronically to the Ministry of Labor only the “names of the workers and the date of commencement and termination of work in agile mode“And not all the attachments of the individual agreements signed with individual workers (which the company must keep in any case)

The amendment to the reopening approved by the Social Affairs Commission in the Chamber, therefore, extension of the protection regime for fragile workers to 30 June: right to smart working for all the fragile and, for specific categories of frail people, where it is not possible to work in an agile way, equating to hospitalization

The amendment, specifies a note from the Ministry of Labor, also extends the right to smart working for parents of children with frailty

While the extension until June 30 decided for workers fragile applies to both the public and private sectorsthat up to August 31 for the simplified smart working applies to the private sector

“In the Social Affairs Committee we approved the amendment, reformulated by the government, which extends smart working for fragile public and private workers. We are pleased that the request from the M5S has been accepted, who immediately fought to fill this gap ”, explained in a note the pentastellati Francesca Ruggiero, Vittoria Baldino and Niccolò Invidia. “In this way – they stressed – those suffering from diseases that determine their vulnerability will be able to continue to carry out their duties in total safety”

I express deep satisfaction for the approval of the amendment that extends the protection regime for public and private fragile workers until 30 June. The measure, strongly supported by Minister Speranza, whom I thank for his great availability and sensitivity, would not have been possible without the resources allocated by the Minister of Health. It was essential to guarantee vulnerable workers the possibility of continuing to carry out their jobs in total safety, “said the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa

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