Salta: they will investigate the doctors of the hospital that did not treat a woman in labor | The woman gave birth to a baby on the street

The Government of Salta launched an investigation and filed an administrative summary in the case of a woman in labor who on Thursday arrived with her husband at the Papa Fancisco Hospital in the capital city and did not receive medical assistance to give birthfor which she had to do it alone in the street, after “hospital employees” told the man that “they had no staff” and that he should take her to another care center.

Health Minister Federico Mangione assured that “a thorough investigation will be carried out” and that “The thread will not be cut for the finest, it will go to the bone so that this does not happen again “.

According to the complaint made by the baby’s father and images that went viral, the employees also did not want to call an ambulance and from SAME They told her that she should go to the Maternal and Child Hospital, in the north of the city, so, when trying to board a remis, the woman had her daughter on the street.

Sergio, the baby’s father, assured in statements to the TV channels that the newborn “He had a broken clavicle when hitting the asphalt” and assured that he made the respective complaint. “Yesterday (on Thursday) around 9:30 p.m. my wife felt a lot of pain in her belly. She asked me to take her to the hospital. And we moved to the Pope Francis Hospital, which is the one that was closest to us,” he told channel A24.

“I leave her at the entrance, I park the motorcycle and when I go to look for her I see that she is leaving the hospital and she tells me that they told her that there was no staff and that they could not attend to her,” the man continued. But she “could not bear the pain to go to another hospital,” said Sergio.

The woman had to give birth in the street, as recorded by the videos of the people who were waiting in the guard, who offered them assistance. “My wife gave birth standing up. People ran out when they saw the baby on the floor, and then a nurse came out”the man assured.

Mangione stressed that “the mother is stable and the baby had a clavicle fracture and a head injury but is recovering well.” He further noted that the woman “He required help and was not given. The hospital is without a gynecologist or obstetrician because it was prepared to work with the Covid, but all doctors are trained to attend a birth”.

The minister explained that “The lady who attended her did not communicate what was happening to the womanwho was taken to the Maternal and Child by a hospital ambulance”.

A case of obstetric violence

The organizations My Birth, My Decision and the Obstetric Violence Observatory de Salta issued a statement in which they denounced that the situation it was a case of obstetric violence.

In the text they pointed out that there was “neglect due to lack of resources and infrastructure”which had already caused the closure of the maternity service at the hospital a few weeks ago; “disinterest and delegitimization of the word of women”; “invisibility”, since “the response was neglect and abandonment” and “a transfer was not even arranged”; as well as “lack of preparation of health personnel” that causes rights to be violated “on a daily basis” and that “nullifies the woman or pregnant person as a subject of rights”.

For that reason, the organizations add, “We promote a national law project for Compulsory Training of Health Personnel in Obstetric Violence, which already has parliamentary status. And that we hope will be sanctioned to reach all corners of the country “.

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