Samsung announces next offering with Tesla

This Friday, Samsung Electronics announced that it will offer some services together with the automaker Tesla.

The service integration was made possible, according to Samsung’s report, after Tesla released information that would allow developers to interoperate with some of the products it sells, which include solar inverters and Powerball battery energy storage units in addition to the Model and Cybertruck.

Samsung’s development will be shown next week in Las Vegas, when the CES 2024 exhibition takes place.

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Technology event attendees will see how Tesla Energy products can be monitored and controlled using Samsung devices.

Andrew Baglino, head of Tesla, commented on Samsung’s development that the company was one of the first developers to take advantage of the opportunity to interact with the developments of Elon Musk’s company.

“At Tesla, we’re excited to add connectivity to our products with other smart devices and software in customers’ homes,” the manager said in comments added to Samsung’s announcement.

Samsung’s new service will officially launch in the second quarter of this year once its development is complete.

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