Sandra Bullock Reveals Which Movie She Regrets Making

Days ago, Sandra Bullock announced that she will retire from acting after a prolific career in Hollywood. Currently, the actress is promoting the film The lost Cityin which he starred alongside Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe, but later he will take time to dedicate himself to his family, although it is still uncertain if this will be a permanent or temporary retirement.

As part of the film’s presentation, the actress from 28 days gave an interview to TooFab and answered the question of what movie do you regret doing, something that has undoubtedly happened to many at some point in their career. Without hesitation, Bullock talked about the movie Speed ​​2 (1997), which in Spanish was known as top speed 2.

Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric in Speed ​​2: Cruise Control (1997)

In the first installment, the actress shared a cast with Keanu Reeves, but then he did not sign for the sequel. “I have one that no one came to and I’m still embarrassed that I was in it. She is called Speed ​​2. I’ve been very honest about her. Has no sense. A slow boat going slowly towards an island”Bullock said about the film.

Then, bluntly, he added: “It’s a movie I wish I hadn’t made and, as far as I know, no fans went to see it”. The truth is that the film was a total failure both at the box office and for critics. On IMDb, the film has a remarkably low rating of 3.9 out of 10.

During the interview, Radcliffe -who was next to her- suggested that the title had become a cult film, but this was denied by Bullock herself: “Very little. In plan 5 people. Him (referring to the interviewer) and the other four 12-year-olds who were seeing a slow boat heading straight for a tiny island,” she concluded.

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