Santi Giménez, the ‘Mexican Gignac’ that TriMediotiempo needs

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Since he directed the America, michael herrera did not hide the desire to have a player like André-Pierre Gignacbecause after the arrival of the French to the MX League in the 2015 Apertura he considered him the best player in Mexican soccer.

That wish came true Louse When i arrive to tigers in it Opening 2022with a Gignac who continued to show himself as the figure of the League and of course of the cats, where he is the top scorer in its history with 178 goals.

Now, Herrera does not have a team and is waiting to be the new DT of the Mexican National Teamthat if he becomes the chosen one, he is convinced that he will have his ‘Gignac’ in El Tri.

How is this possible? Gignac, even if he has Mexican naturalization, cannot be eligible for the Tricolorsince he has played with the representative of France; However, for the louse, there is a Mexican at the level of the Bomboro.

Is about Santiago Gimenezsince Miguel said to halftime that the Mexican National Team has its ‘Gignac’ in it, so he sees a great future for this element that shines in Europe with the Feyenoord of the Eredivisie.

“Gignac is a guy from another level, but I reiterate, a player from another team and to talk about what would have been, is to speculate… I reiterate, there is Giménez (Gignac del Tri), Chaquito is doing things very well, obviously I don’t know They see many behind him as in the past that was Peláez, Zague, Hermosillo, Borgetti, Chicharito appears, Luis Hernandez, there were many forwards in Mexico, even Luis Miguel Salvador, Daniel Guzmán, Luis García, there were high-level forwards ”.

“Today we are lacking strikers, not only in Mexico, to see a Spanish center-forward, because the scorers in the Spanish League have been foreigners. Today Chaquito is going through a good moment, he is scoring goals and he is not in Mexico, he is in another country, I wish there were more, ”said El Piojo.

What has Santi Giménez done?

With Blue Cross, the baby he participated in 105 games, in which he scored 21 goals and gave 11 assists; in total he played 5 thousand 165 minutes; in July 2022 he immigrated to Europe.

At Feyenoord he has 22 games, 7 goals and 1 assist in 687 minutes on the pitch, between the Eredivisie and the Europa League.

While with the Mexican National Team (older) he made his debut on October 28, 2021 at the age of 20, for which he has barely accumulated 9 games, 2 of them in the Nations League and the rest in friendly matches, in which he adds 2 goals. Given his little experience, Gerardo Martino did not take him to Qatar World Cup 2022but Herrera if he becomes the new Tricolor coach, he would consider him for the new process.

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