School games will resume with chess playoffs – El Sol de Cuautla

With the participation of students from schools belonging to the Cuautla y Ayala school zone 22, on January 12, the zone eliminatory activity of the 2022 Basic Education School Sports Games will resume in the state of Morelos.

The school zone began with athletics on December 6 at the facilities of the Cuautla Sports Unit, with track and field tests.

That’s where the first winning children emerged who will compete in the next stage, which will be the sector stage scheduled for next February.

The playoff will resume on Thursday the 12th when the chess playoff takes place at the Vicente Guerrero school in San Pedro Apatlaco, Ayala municipality.

This meeting will be coordinated by Professor Javier García Martínez and will start at 9 in the morning.

García Martínez informed that the participation of the seven schools belonging to the 55 school zone is expected, where the defending champion in the male branch is the fourth-year boy, Kevin Gabriel Gálvez Villalva.

“Kevin was the winner last year of both the zone and the sector, and already in the state he finished second in the championship that was organized in Jonacatepec; However, although he won the pass to the national, this event was no longer held for the third consecutive year, and for this year there is no certainty that it will take place either, ”he commented.

He indicated that since the pandemic began in 2020, the national stage of the Basic Education School Sports Games has not been held again, which means a severe setback for the young talents who are the basis of the country’s sports future at these ages. .

“Great athletes have emerged from these school games, one of them was Luis Antonio Avilés, the national athletics champion who left here from these games in Cuautla; This is undoubtedly something that comes to harm so many children that now they have been left without participating in the nationals for three editions, such as 2020, 2021 and 2022, and this year, I repeat, we do not know if there will be ” .

After the chess match, on January 18 the basketball match will take place at the same Ayala educational establishment with activity in both branches starting at 8 in the morning.

The following day, the handball matches will be held at the Emiliano Zapata school in the evening, starting at 2 in the afternoon, and finally, on January 24, soccer will take place at the Adolfo López Mateos school, an activity that will end on Friday the 27th with the final games in both branches.

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