Second autopsy of Debanhi Escobar leaked to the press concludes that there was sexual abuse and murder | News Univision Latin America

The forensic report, which was obtained by the newspaper El País and replicated by other Mexican media, has caused deep indignation to the father of the deceased who points to the prosecution and demands to determine responsibilities.

“This is a violent homicidal death,” says the report cited by the Mexican media, which also states that the girl had “traces of a violent sexual relationship.”

“The craniofacial contusions are of external origin to the body and because they are intense, repeated (several times) and with different angles of impact, it follows that they were caused by another person and that it is a violent homicidal death,” the report adds. of the necropsy, as quoted by the Spanish newspaper.

Debanhi Escobar’s father demands an investigation into the leak of the autopsy

After the leak of the opinion, Mario Escobar said he felt “very offended” because he affirmed that he had put “all the care and due respect to the process of my daughter Debanhi Susana”, and had trusted the State Prosecutor’s Office when granting him the results to integrate them to the research folder.

“Right now this second autopsy that I entrusted to them for their study was leaked by the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office. I trusted that they were going to do things right… they are corrupt,” claimed the young woman’s father, visibly outraged, in a video statement.

“They have already killed her, they are already hiding videos from me, I no longer trust the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office; I demand that a purge be carried out in the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office,” he added.

“I demand that if the prosecutor or deputy prosecutor of Nuevo León is leaking that information, I want his head,” he asserted.

He also requested that an investigation be opened against the newspaper that obtained the private autopsy report, in this case, the Spanish newspaper The country.

Video by video: chronology of the Debanhi Escobar case


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