“See us secretly”: Evelyn Beltrán dedicates a suggestive song to Toni Costa in the midst of scandal

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Evelyn Beltran she was very much in love with Toni Costa and dedicated a suggestive song in the midst of an infidelity scandal. The tiktoker shared a dedication to her partner on her social networks despite rumors of being the third in discord.

Even though Tony Costa and Adamari López have not said anything about the real reason for their separation, there are those who They accuse him of having been unfaithful to his daughter’s mother with Evelyn Beltrán. The Spaniard has not remained silent and has defended himself a couple of times from these accusations.

Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa waste honey on their social networks

Since they made their relationship public, Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa have dedicated themselves to sharing their time together in a discreet way on their social networks. From small appearances, like the date they had in San Franciscoeven messages and songs.

Toni Costa had previously shared a song about how nice it is to wake up having the woman you love by your side. This time it was the turn of the Mexican who is nicknamed “La Bichota”, however, the song did not seem very suitable to the fans of Adamari Lopezz.

That it is a secret that I kiss you sometimes and what happens after only you see it. people don’t imagine what we both have, which is seeing each other secretly. It is an unprecedented, real love…”, is heard in the story that Evelyn Beltrán shared tagging Toni Costa.

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