Selena Gomez confessed what her favorite makeup remover is and surprised everyone

It’s no secret that behind that image that celebrities have is a whole team of experts. While this is noticeable when they’re wearing makeup, their true faces shine through when all those products are removed. Selena Gomez She is a staunch advocate of the importance of loving “unfiltered” skin. His social networks are also the channel with which he reaches all his followers. In one of his routines, he showed how he achieves a radiant complexion. The best thing is that one of the products does not require a large investment.

The actress of Only Murders in the Building she is a lover of skin care and has no problem showing herself without a drop of makeup. This has also been marketed through his firm, Rare Beauty. In one of the clips on the TikTok account, as a gang removes his hair from his face, he shows the step by step in your make-up removal routine. The products she uses have two functions: to moisturize and to deep clean so that pores are not clogged.

In her description, the former Disney Channel star was completely honest: “I got most of these products for free. Use any serum to remove make-up before washing. Dissolves very well. Also use a sponge to clean your eyes to treat them delicately (…) ”, she wrote.

Meanwhile, watch Selena start out with a luxury brand, La Mer, whose serum is priced from $220 to $245, depending on size. In stark contrast is Bioderma’s micellar water, available for just $19 on Amazon at sale cost or $25 at mid-value.

Selena Gomez's makeup routine

Selena Gomez’s routine to remove makeup

According to the description offered by the brand’s website, micellar water has the function of cleaning and removing make-up in a single step. The micelles attract dirt, makeup residue and debris.

In order to use micellar water, it does not matter if it is night or day. In a correct facial cleansing, as Selena Gómez did in her video, you will have to apply a generous amount of product on a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your face. In some areas, such as the eyes, the ideal is to press gently for a few seconds. That step would be first, then the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, lips, and finally the neck, adds Bioderma.

Because the singer is also a faithful follower of the skincareyou do not miss the launches of the brands, which allow you to “challenge the ideal beauty standards that have been imposed on us”, as she herself has recognized. For those who want to fill their cosmetic bag with the products she uses, they can also try the Resist Advanced Replenishing Tonerfrom Paula’s Choice, which she shared in another TikTok clip.

Selena Gomez's makeup routine

Selena Gomez’s makeup routine

This product is usually recommended for normal to dry skin. It is a tonic that promises to help replenish skin hydration levels. In addition, it does not have alcohol or parabens. Among its main ingredients are hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and lecithin, which gives it that creamy texture that characterizes it.


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