Selena Gomez Has The Nail Color That Will Be Fall’s Most Stylish Trend

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez are two celebrities with Latin descent who are taking the applause in terms of nail it refers, since they are imposing the colors and designs more hot of the season, like the pink Barbie mani from Queen S or the nail art no makeup by JLo. In fact, they both have something in common: they go to the same celebrity manicurist.

His name is Tom Bachik and, as expected, he is already ahead of the trends coming in fall and has printed them on the hands of its clients, starting with an enamel color that will be a must have the next few months. Selena Gomez has been chosen to wear it and today we tell you what it is, what it looks like and where you can get a similar tone to test it from today. On your marks, ready? To do a welcome mani for the fall!

Selena Gomez Wears Fall 2022 Nail Color

Strolling through Tom Bachik’s account to flood us with nailspirationn, we find the last nail polish that he applied to the owner of Rare Beauty and that, without a doubt, screams fall at full lung It’s about a olive green color slightly warm, much like a juicy olive that makes a match perfect with her pretty skin tone. ‘olive color in Selena Gomez. New nail job’. he wrote on his account Instagram.

The hue looks gorgeous on its own, although you can also add gold accents to it.

Instagram @tombachik

The varnish wears it on the long semi square nails at the tip and that fascinates us, since the color, the length and the shape keep the elegance that distinguishes the celebrity (already the season). That’s how it is, fall It is the perfect season to show off with nail colors sophisticated, discreet and somewhat sober.

To try it on your hands, all you have to do is trim, file, and buff the nail with your at-home manicure kit, apply a perfecting base, and continue with the nail polish application. olive green enamel. We leave you some similar tones for you to wear, from now on!

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