Selena Gomez in a cropped jacket suit and a Mango miniskirt

Lately we had lost track of Selena Gomez a lot, but in her last look she has left us speechless and now we really want to rescue our obsession with her again. Not only because it has worn an ideal style but also because it is a Mango outfit, so we will be able to replicate it if we feel like it a lot.

The style you have chosen Selena Gomez to attend the last Disney event is a two-piece set made up of a ‘crop’-style jacket and a matching miniskirt created by Mango designers. If we always fall in love with this type of design, this one does it twice because it has a beautiful peach color that gives it an ideal pastel air. It seems to us a success on the part of the actress since she was going to an event of the children’s production company.

The miniskirt is very simple and only has some clips to give it a flared effect, but the jacket has two ideal off-white buttons. It is one of those two-piece sets from Mango that have something special despite being minimal.

Selena Gomez


At the moment we are not very sure if in the end we are going to copy Selena Gomez’s style because the price seems a bit high. The jacket costs 50 euros and the miniskirt 30 euros. This month our budget is already a bit through the roof so we have to value it, but if not we can always get just the skirt. Now that we are betting on short versions again, this Mango option seems wonderful.

Mango’s peach ‘crop’ jacket costs €49.99

Mango peach mini skirt costs €29.99

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