Sergio Fajardo and Luis Gilberto Murillo: officially registered formula – Candidates – 2022 Elections

Sergio Fajardo and Luis Gilberto Murillo registered their presidential candidacy officially this Wednesday morning. The act was held at 8 in the morning at the National Registry of Bogotá located on 26th Street.

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The candidate for the Presidency said through his social networks: “Today I register my candidacy again, I return to the electoral contest as a representative of a force that represents real, brave and coherent change that will return the illusion to our country. Let’s start this stage together!”

In addition, the former mayor of Medellín added: “Be certain that we are going to come back extraordinarily and we are going to reach the second round and we will win. We are going to win to change Colombia.”

He also expressed his opinion in front of some of his competitors: “The political competition is clear: With the public support of Oscar Iván Zuluaga, Iván Duque and Álvaro Uribe, it became clear what was an open secret for many, Fico is Uribe’s and that of Duque. However, the desire for change should not lead us to choose populism and anything goes. Petro must be beaten, but without re-electing Duque and Uribismo.”

Luis Gilberto Murillo, a candidate for vice president, was Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development from 2016 to 2018, served as Governor of Chocó twice, and is a Mining Engineer with a master’s degree in Engineering Sciences. He was able to develop his studies thanks to a scholarship that allowed him to be part of the Moscow State University.

After the registration, the media from San Juan expressed: “It is an honor to accompany a friend that I respect and value in this campaign to transform Colombia. Fajardo has given everything without compromising his principles and values. We need to add and build and leave personal interests aside. That’s why I joined this winning formula. We will be a voice for the regions, to protect the environment, restore trust in our institutions and promote peace in Colombia.“

For his part, Fajardo was mayor of Medellín (2004-2007) and governor of Antioquia (2012-2015). He has a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin and has been a professor at universities in different countries.

According to him, the commitment of the man from Medellín is for education, security, employment, decency, trust, enthusiasm and honesty.

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Luis Gilberto Murillo and Sergio Fajardo

Luis Gilberto Murillo and Sergio Fajardo at the registration of their presidential candidacy.


Cesar Melgarejo. TIME.

How do you plan to come back in the voting?

The strategy proposed by the former governor of Antioquia on his Twitter account is based on attracting people who did not participate in election day to vote for his political proposal. According to the Registrar’s Office, there were about 20,785,120 abstentionists in the March 13 elections. Murillo and Fajardo point to them as a team to reach the executive power.

This Tuesday, Fajardo published photos along with his vice-presidential formula on his Twitter on the occasion of a meeting in which politicians such as Angélica Lozano, Juan Fernando Cristo, Jorge Enrique Robledo, Juan Manuel Galán, Mábel Lara, among others, were present.

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It is important to remember that Sergio Fajardo was the winner of the inter-party consultations with the fewest votes (723,475). Gustavo Petro (4,495,831) and Federico Gutiérrez (2,161,686), obtained more support on the ballots. Also Francia Márquez, second in the consultation of the Historical Pact, had more votes than the ex-governor of Antioquia (785,215) —the aforementioned data correspond to the pre-count published by the Registry—. In this context, the formula of the Hope Center Coalition assumes the electoral comeback as an objective.

Regarding the general framework of the presidential elections, whose first round will take place on May 29, the Antioquia politician emphasized: “Four years ago they painted the same horror movie between one extreme and the other, and Colombia has already seen that choosing the one that Say Uribe led us to a fiasco. We have 66 days to convince Colombians that this is the option that will save our country from four more years of fights, insults and disqualifications, which have not allowed us to solve the people’s problems.”

Starting this Thursday, the key that aims to reach the Casa de Nariño will begin tours of different municipalities in the country.


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