Sergio Garrido, expelled from ‘Survivors’ after the audience saves Katerina and Gema

This Thursday, Telecinco broadcast a new gala of survivors. The program, which had the particularity that its presenter, Jorge Javier Vázquez, directed the format with sunglasses for the blepharoplasty which took place a few days ago, was the last for one of the survivors as a contestant, as he was expelled.

The nominees were Sergio Garrido, Gema Aldón and Katerina Safarovto. Throughout the night, it was learned that both Katerina and Gema were the most voted for by the public, so Sergio was expelled, thus being the third in the edition.

Katerina Safarova, the first save, reacted with euphoria, something that clashed with her state just two weeks ago, when she was convinced that she wanted to abandon. Gema Aldón’s reaction was somewhat more restrained but she, as she had stated throughout the week, she was dying to continue in the contest.

Everyone, have a good contest. Be good survivors”, Sergio Garrido said goodbye, before heading to Playa de los Olvidados, where he met Artur Dainese and Jaime Nava.

It was in this hostile environment that Jorge Javier Vázquez announced an express vote to find out the name of the first definitively expelled from the format. Although the televote was closed at the end of the program, the definitive expulsion according to the audience’s designs will be known next Sunday, at the gala presented by Ion Aramendi.

So, Sergio Correguela He will have to endure, despite himself, a few more days. The journalist openly requested expulsion, something for which Jorge Javier Vázquez scolded him, as he could be penalized for it, according to the rules of the program. But who is Sergio Garrido?

Currently, he is a collaborator of Party and before it was Live life, both programs being from the same production company, Cuarzo. The paparazzi is the father of two girls and is passionate about the world of music.

Prior to his television appearances, he pursued multiple celebrities (Katy PerryCristiano Ronaldo, Cher, Leo Messi…) with his camera during the summer holidays, as did Gustavo González and Antonio Montero, from save me daily.

In 2018, Garrido made the leap to the small screen of exclusive mission, which consisted of exposing the work of a paparazzi in Cuatro. Garrido is not known for many controversies, although there was a conflict he had with Rafael Mora after he denounced that the journalist had tried to sell some photos of him in which he appeared in poor condition and disoriented in a nightclub.

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