setting and historical period revealed by an alleged leak –

Reporter Colin Moriarty shared new alleged details on Bioshock 4, which they may have disclosed the era and the setting of the new chapter of the series.

According to information obtained from his sources, Moriarty claimed in a video from Sacred Symbols that Bioshock 4 will take place in the 1960s in Borealis, a fictional city located in Antarctica. The game, currently in development at Cloud Chamber studios, is expected to arrive in the course of 2022.

“Bioshock 4 takes place in a 1960s Antarctic town called Borealis,” says Moriarty. “The code name of the game is Parkside … I was told that the development team has tremendous freedom of choice in how to make the game.”

Moriarty adds that the project is treated internally with the utmost confidentiality and that the development team is well aware of the fact that Bioshock 4 will inevitably be compared to the previous chapters signed by Ken Levine, who for his part is working on a new project. which will be published by Take-Two.

A glimpse of Columbia, the floating city of Bioshock Infinite

A glimpse of Columbia, the floating city of Bioshock Infinite

Details undoubtedly interesting and that are not in contrast with another alleged leak of information a few days ago in which there was talk of a possible announcement in the first quarter of 2022 and that the city that will be the background to the events of the game is separated into two parts, one on the surface and the other underground. However, as usual, we recommend that you take similar rumors with a grain of salt, since it is not possible for the moment to ascertain their veracity.

What we know at the moment is that the work on a new Bioshock was confirmed by 2K in December 2019. The development of the game has been entrusted to Cloud Chamber, which counts among its ranks some veterans of the series, such as the design director Jonathan Pelling and the creative director Hoagy de la Plante.

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