Sexuality: Countries where men are “better endowed”

Haitian men’s members ranked number five among the largest in the world, second only to men from Ecuador, Cameroon, Bolivia and Sudan.

This according to data published by World Data, which evaluated the male members of 86 countries in the world, in which the Dominican Republic was not included.

The report highlights that men in Haiti have an average penis size of 6.30 inches when erect, and that of Ecuadorians 6.93 inches. While the smallest can be found in Cambodia at just 3.95 inches long.

The French are also positioned among the first places, with a length of 6.20, they occupy the 11th position. The United States, ranks 59, with an average length of 5.35 inches, ranking below Israel, Afghanistan, India, Spain, and Ukraine.

Among the most gifted are also Bolivia with 6.5 inches, Sudan with 6.48; and Cuba with 6.25.

Besides Cambodia, the countries where men have the smallest members are Burma at 4.1 inches; Taiwan with 4.24; Philippines with 4.27; Sri Lanka with 4.29; Hong Kong with 4.41; Bangladesh with 4.41; Thailand with 4.51; Vietnam with 4.52 and Malaysia with 4.52.

World Data also revealed that length is always measured at the top, from the root of the stem to the tip of the glans. “To measure the circumference, the circumference at the root is usually taken. In some studies, instead, the circumference of the glans was measured, so this information would be very contradictory and, therefore, was not included in the evaluation”, says the report.

He assures that few studies have been able to establish a correlation between body size and penis length. In any case, the correlation is marginal. Some studies even explicitly state that they have not found a correlation.

“The size of a man’s penis is determined primarily by genetics rather than geography. Studies also show that proper nutrition during the younger years and adolescence is also important for healthy development,” the report concludes.

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