Shakira and her Machiavellian and narcissistic emotional vomiting

Shakira’s spite threatens to reach all corners of the world and leave no one indifferent. Since she couldn’t be any other way, she does it as a song and with direct references to Pique, their relationship and his current partner, Clara Cha. Given that life passes and only art remains, no one should be surprised by the expectation on the subject and its subsequent impact.

We like spite songs because, beyond being catchy, they delve into our darkest thoughts, like the lust for revenge Once again, the Colombian singer transforms the private into the public and makes us witnesses of her disappointment, anger and bad decisions. Yeah, bad decisions. Because if such an asshole was such an executioner, why did that relationship last so long? I am not going to unravel this question here, but I do show that when the intimacy of a couple is unknown, it is very easy to condemn the unfaithful and consider that the victim is always right. I’m not trying to excuse the cheater, just to point out that sometimes things aren’t that simple.

Obviously, Shakira has every right in the world to use music not only to earn money, but also to express how hard it is to have the broken heart This is how countless men and women have done throughout history, some anonymous and others who respond to better known names such as Justin Vernon, Prince, Adele, Eric Clapton, Amy Winehouse or the incomparable Roco Jurado.

It is obvious that Shakira has not invented anything new and, perhaps for this reason, all those voices that try to make her lack of discretion appear obscene. No woman needs permission to spit out the poison. In the same way, those criticisms that emphasize her role as a mother and make allusions to her children are dispensable. Many forget that motherhood does not nullify the fact of being a woman and an artist. This type of criticism, exposed on Twitter and in the classic bar counter, is unacceptable and sexist. Shakira is reproached for what is rarely pointed out in a man. Lyrics to a song should not be used to compromise a woman’s respectability or to question her responsibility as her mother.

emotion above reason

However, Nor should the attitude of the spiteful person be extolled. They are a cluster of unpleasant emotions and not the reason that guide their behavior. For this reason, what Shakira intones, no matter how lawful it is to release it, should not be taken as an example of anything.

The exposure of his emotional vomiting is Machiavellian and utterly narcissistic. She needs to mend her pride and, to complete that task, she takes the worst of paths. Neither Shakira is a being of light nor is ‘Session #53’ just music: are we facing a successful smear campaign? The artist is not satisfied with expressing her pain. The lyrics of her song also seek to cause pain to the people causing it. For example, the play on words where she mentions Piqu and her new partner reveals her resentment, their shortcomings and also their vanity. Comparisons between women, as if they were objects, constitute a clumsy and immature way of dealing with suffering and taking care of the wound.

Shakira cannot be forced to have a good opinion of Clara. The Colombian has the right not to empathize with the new girlfriend of her ex. Sorority and empathy cannot act as demands from some women to others because they are only women. Now, while sleeping with a married man is morally reprehensible behavior and not without responsibility, such behavior should not be used to question the worth of any woman. The dignity of women should never depend on who you sleep with, how old you are or if you adhere to a beauty canon. Let’s remember that there are thousands of ways to humiliate someone: they can be cuckolding, it can also be spite turned into song.

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