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Osvlado Rios

In 1997, Shakira had a romantic relationship with Osvaldo RÃos.


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In 1997, Shakira had a romantic relationship with Osvaldo Ríos.

The actor recalled his romance in a chat within a celebrity reality show.

In the second season of the reality show ‘The house of the famous’, the Puerto Rican actor talked about the love relationship he had with Shakira more than two decades agowhen the Colombian star began to shine more strongly with his album ‘Pies descalzos’.

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In a conversation with the dancer Toni Costa, Osvaldo Ríos acknowledged that at that time the relationship was very serious and they even thought about getting married.. He knew Shakira’s family well and revealed that until “we saw house”.

“She was just starting with ‘Pies descalzos’ and she had a whole world to live in, when you love someone it is better to set them free and it is the best proof of love that you can give them,” added the actor, who is now 61 years old. “She had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to her, not being with me,” he said. His relationship with the singer lasted a year.

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“I was very loyal and faithful with her, but at that time I was neither loyal nor faithful. Being with one and the other distracts you, blurs your focus, nobody takes what I danced from, but either you calm down or life takes its toll on you too” , he reflected.

The romance of Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos began in 1997 and caused a lot of controversy, since he was 37 years old at the time and the singer from Barranquilla was 20. Ríos is remembered for the telenovelas ‘Kassandra’, ‘La viuda de Blanco’ and ‘Abrázame very strong’, among others.


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