Shakira’s former employee launches harsh accusations against her

Shakira, one of the most recognized Colombian singers worldwide, received strong criticism after one of her former employees recounted some of the experiences she had while working with the artist.

Cristina Cárdenas revealed to a media outlet in Spain that while performing her duties as an extra coordinator on filming, she was annoyed by some of Shakira’s behaviors.

The journalist Javier de Hoyos was in charge of revealing the statements. In fact, the man did it on an Argentine TV show called America TVin which several audios of the woman were collected and presented.

As he stated in the interview, “You can’t look at Shakira, you can’t take photos of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t talk to her, it’s strictly forbidden”.

Cárdenas continued her story by saying that “she is bossy” and on different occasions she has removed people from the recordings: “Not you, you were, pointing the finger like that.”

In addition, the woman said that due to the singer’s demands, working hours are extended: “A Shakira spot, which could last four hours due to the shots, takes seventeen hours.”

Cristina pointed out that it is “impossible to work” with the artist and because of this many prefer not to do so. After the harsh accusations, Shakira has not commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, millions of Internet users have reacted to the interview and have taken a stand against the statements. Some have chosen to defend the barranquillera and others have decided to wait for Shakira to tell her version of her events.

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