Share your location in real time from Android or iOS

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you do not feel safe, you are lost, or in your case as a monitoring measure, it is very common to have to share your location in real time. Whether by an application on your cell phone or by an external one, it is very simple to do.

Sharing your location with other people can be very simple, whether you have an Android or iOS cell phone, but first you should take some time off so that when an emergency comes you have the necessary tools to do it. Here are some options for you.

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How to share location for iPhone with iOS operating system

Your cell phone has an already integrated application called “find cell phone” and you can use it from your iPhone, iPad or even an Apple watch, as long as you have your data at hand, here are the steps:

  • Enter the “Find” app and select the “people” tab
  • Choose the option to Share my location or in your case start sharing location.
  • Put the name or number of who you will share the location with.
  • Select Send
  • Choose how long you will share your location
  • Your contacts will be notified that you want to share your location in real time and they will be able to monitor you during the time you have chosen.
  • How to share location for Android

For cell phones with the Android operating system, it has a list of trusted contacts, where you can include family and friends and share your real location as follows.

  • Enter the Settings section.
  • Look for the security and emergency option.
  • Click on emergency contacts.
  • And add the contacts you like.
  • Choose the plus button.
  • You can choose the option to send your location to one or all.
  • Share location.

There are also other applications to share your share your location, one of them WhatsApp, you only enter the chat of the person to whom you want to send your location and in the lower right part there is a clip symbol, you enter there and you have the option to send either all at once or in real time.

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