Sharon Stone confesses on social networks to have suffered nine miscarriages

The actress Sharon Stone, 64, confessed in a heartbreaking text that she suffered nine natural abortions and assured that it is a feeling that women have had to endure alone and in secret for years.

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“I lost nine children due to miscarriage. It is not a small thing, neither physically nor emotionally, but we are made to feel that it is something that we must endure alone and in secret, with a kind of sense of failure. Instead of receiving the compassion, empathy and healing that we so badly need,” the actress wrote in response to an Instagram post from People magazine.

“Female health and wellness left in the care of male ideology has become lax at best, ignorant in fact and violently oppressive in its endeavor,” she added. The People post was a photo of New Zealand dancer Peta Murgatroyd with her partner, who confessed to having had two miscarriages and how heartbreaking the experience was.

Already before, in 2017, Stone had spoken publicly about her lost pregnancies, the result of an autoimmune disease and endometriosis, reported at the time ExtraTV.

Last year, Stone praised personalities such as Chrissy Teigen and Vanessa Kirby being able to speak about issues of loss and heartbreak, rape and brutalization, and other issues facing women in an interview with Woman’s Hour from BBC Radio.

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