she cried when she found out she was coming to Honduras and the unforgettable story in the IHSS


There are many moving stories and some that cannot be believed. As well as the story of the Olimpia fan, Kevin Madrid, who arrived this Monday with his wife María Fernanda Aguilera at the Ramón Villeda Morales airport to receive the club he loves, Atlas de México.

Madrid and Aguilera went to receive the “Zorros” with enthusiasm and joy to get photos taken with some of the players and to have them sign a shirt from the Rojinegro team, which plays this Wednesday against Olimpia for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League.

short interview

Where does this love for the Atlas come from?

I have always liked Mexican soccer, I have seen it a lot. And I have stayed with the Atlas. And when Carlo Costly arrived, my fanaticism grew even more for the Atlas.

-In the same way, both added that they dream of visiting the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara sometime in their history.

Which Atlas players do you admire?

Aldo Rocha, Julio Furch, who was important for the two-time championship and Julian Quiñones.

Speaking of the second Atlas championship that was achieved 70 years in the long-suffering final against León on penalties, how did you experience it?

Ha ha. I am sick and was on duty. I have to go to the Social Security (IHSS) bathroom to see the penalty shootout, there I have to shout the goals.

And the second, when they achieved the two-time championship?

The second title I enjoyed more. I watched it in my house and I was able to shout it as I wanted.

What did you feel when you found out that Atlas was coming to Honduras?

I almost cried when I realized that Atlas was coming to Honduras to face Olimpia, unfortunately. I would have liked it to be against Real España, because I am also a fanatic for Olimpia.

Who are you going with? Will you go to the Stadium?

Of course I’ll be at the Olympic on Wednesday. And I go with Atlas.

your prognosis

2-0 wins the Atlas.

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