Sienna Miller compares her role in her new series with the infidelity she suffered with Jude Law

Sienna Miller was 23 when Jude Law cheated on him with the babysitter of their children. The scandal shook the actress in 2005 when she found out about her infidelity, which she had been in a relationship with the actor from “Fantastic Animals” for two years. After some time away, they redirected the situation and were together until 2011, at which time they ended up definitively.

The interpreter of ‘El francotirador’ said 15 years later that he was in shock: “It was one of the most challenging times that I hope to have to live through. Because with that level of public anguish, having to get out of bed and a lot of standing in front of 800 people every night, is the last thing you want to do. It was very difficult“.

Now, on the occasion of his role in ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’, his new netflix series, has talked about playing a woman who is also cheated: “It was familiar ground, because I experienced some of the things that she experiences. And the feelings were familiaryes But his way of dealing with what they do to him is absolutely contrary to who I am.”

What attracted him to her character, Sophie Whitehouse, was her “different way of reacting”, as she put it in an interview with Elle UK.

“I know it sounds weird because you might think that it would be very unpleasant to put you in this place. I guess there is something cathartic about spending time in an unpleasant situation that is familiar to you“, she assured, feeling liberated by her role. “I don’t know what the psychology of this is. But, perhaps, you can substitute a memory for something else “, she has said about the emotional recovery that this interpretation can give her.

‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ is about a tumultuous case of infidelity between a powerful politician and his wife, played by Miller. Her privileged life then falls apart while her husband, played by Rupert Friend, is accused of a shocking crime.

Sienna Miller felt “terrified” by the fame of her relationship with Jude Law

In this same interview, the actress recalled her rise to fame, accompanied by her relationship with Jude Lawwith whom he coincided in ‘Alfie’, from 2004: “I was catapulted into a totally parallel universe, while I was in love. There was a lot of magic then. At first, it was a bit comical, but quickly became deceitful and terrifying. And my boyfriend had been experiencing it for years and he felt, like normal, a lot of hostility towards that kind of attention.”

Sienna Miller and Jude Law
Sienna Miller and Jude Law | Getty

Sienna has revealed that she approached it with caution: “There are women who have exploded because of that.” However, once she is 40 years old, she assures that she supports this aspect better: “I like the tranquility of life. I have much less anxiety […] I think I know what matters to me: my friends, my son and, ultimately, trying to be happy.”

“I love love more than anything. That is the most important thing to me and always will be. Despite the ups and downs I have had, many happy and others very painful, I am optimistic,” he concluded.

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