Sienna Miller freezes her eggs: “Biology is cruel”

Actress, model and designer Sienna Miller turns 40 in December 2021 and shortly after, as revealed to Elle UK magazine, he decided freeze your eggs, just as the Italian Bianca Balti has done recently. Miller has chosen this alternative because she wants to have more children. Let us remember that she is already the mother of Marlowe, born nine years ago from her relationship with actor Tom Sturridge.

Last February Sienna and fellow actor Oli Green They made their sentimental relationship public, which immediately caused a great stir in the media. She is already used to this expectation, though in the past, when she was dating Jude LawI created significant anxiety problems.

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Sienna Miller has stated: “biology is cruelIt doesn’t let you choose, so when I turned 40, I froze my eggs. Now I no longer have to feel the pressure. That existential threat is gone.” Miller has further explained that he now experiences a lot of less anxiety for his relationship with Green, to the point that in a few months he will move from London to New York, to a new house that he has bought to live with his family.

“My day to day is very normal at this time,” he said. “I take Marlowe to school, I take the dog to the park, I read, like with a friend… Nothing special, but for me this serenity is electrifyingThus, the rush, the frenzy and the psychological stress for Sienna, who has chosen to confess to the British magazine her choice of freezing her eggs, are over.

This decision has been the same as the one taken by the Italian model Bianca Balti, who has recently become single again after breaking up a toxic relationship that has lasted three years. Thus, I decided to freeze her oocytes as a precautionary measure so that she could be a mother again. “Now I don’t need a partner to have a child“said the supermodel in a lengthy post on Instagram:

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