Six ways to provide wellness to your furry friend

More and more people have a pet at home, be it a dog or a cat, either of these two has become, over time, another member of the family, therefore, like children, Pets require basic attention and tools that help them improve their quality of life.

Some measures provide you with a better quality of life and well-being, both for your physical and mental health. This is so that they have optimal development and growth. Another important benefit is less stress and loneliness.

The well-being of a pet translates into tranquility for the home where it lives. People with pets tend to be happier and more active than the rest of the population, and this is mainly due to the bond they develop with the animal.

For this reason, Sharp Wood, experts in furniture for cats and dogs, reveals 6 ways to provide well-being to pets at home.

– Scratchers for cats. They help release stress and keep you relaxed. In addition, it exercises it, since they instinctively need to file or sharpen their nails. This also helps prevent them from damaging other furniture in the house.

– Wooden shelves for cats. They will be used for cats to jump and climb, as well as for them to exercise. Several shelves of different sizes can be placed on a wall, at suitable distances, to allow it to move, thanks to its innate abilities.

– Elevated wooden houses for cats. When cats rest, they choose a high place where they can fall asleep soundly, in the same way so as not to be disturbed during their rest. It is also a space to feel safe in the face of a threat.

– Elevated feeders for cats. To prevent some cats from suffering from reflux or vomiting after feeding, elevated feeders are an excellent option. These prevent digestive disorders, improve the cat’s posture when eating and prevent food from becoming contaminated.

– Elevated feeders for dogs. They improve your posture and comfort, as well as slow down your food intake. Keep them from playing with their food and lying down to feed. Prevents digestive disorders.

– Stairs for dogs. They are very useful and in the long term benefit the physical health of your pet. They prevent damage to the spine, it prevents our little animals from jumping in heights that can damage their joints, they work for muscle stimulation, they are even the best joint rehabilitation options since they help reduce the impact that our pet’s weight exerts on their bones. paws.

“It is important to provide well-being for your cat or dog so that they feel comfortable at home. A place where they can rest, exercise, relax, sleep and eat well is essential for their neurological and physical development”, says Jaime Aguirre, founder of Sharp Wood.

There are multiple advantages of having accessories or furniture of this type at home, even more so if they spend a lot of time alone or live in small spaces, this will enrich their environment, get them out of the routine and prevent them from becoming stressed.

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