Sky Cinema 4K, the news from Sky and the titles in the program

From January 28 it will light up on channel 313 Sky Cinema 4k, the first channel in Italy entirely dedicated to cinema in 4k, that is with a much more detailed resolution, four times better than that of a common Full HD TV. Sky Cinema 4k joins the brand’s 11 existing channels Sky Cinema and will offer all subscribers an even more engaging viewing experience that, at no additional cost, will be able to watch the channel with Sky Q via satellite and with optional HD or Ultra HD service.

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On the channel they will be available over 120 films, including some more recent first-run hits. A large choice of all genres And for all ages. Great classics will be broadcast, but also new releases such as, for example, There was a scam in Hollywood, with the stellar Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones, or the latest chapter of Fast & Furious 9 with Vin Diesel or even the animated film The Croods 2 – A new era.

Photo: Sky Press Office

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Obviously, there will be Sky Original, including The Crimes of the BarLume, Italian comedies like Cops 2 – A gang of cops, led by Paolo Bisio, And we like assholes stood and watched by Pierfrancesco Diliberto (Pif) with the hilarious Fabio De Luigi and Ilenia Pastorelli e Leave one day in Rome with the stellar cast of Edoardo Leo, Marta Nieto, Claudia Gerini and Stefano Fresi. New titles are also expected for February, such as Monster Hunter by Paul WS Anderson, Welcome to the Esposito house with Giovanni Esposito and Antonia Truppo, and Karim Code with Mohamed Zouaoui, Valentina Cervi, Stella Egypt.

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Sky Cinema 4k channel: the great classics of cinema

In the programming of the channel there will certainly be great classics, like the iconic Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters with Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, or like Men In Black with the famous duo of Thomas Lee Jones and Will Smith. We will also review The Amazing Spider-man, saga composed by the couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and there will also be films dedicated to children and families, such as Despicable Me 2.

Cops 2 - Claudio Bisio and Dino Abbrescia
Photo: Gianni Fiorito – Sky Press Office

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