Social Tourist, the brand of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio: where to buy?


Social Tourist with Hollister Co, in collaboration with Dixie and Charli d’Amelio, is reality. The D’Amelio have launched a new clothing line, which the two sisters have presented with a fashion show in style. It’s not the first time Hollister has decided to partner with the two TikTok stars. Already in the past the company has been sponsored by the two sisters and with them they decided to launch a new clothing line designed for teenagers.

The show was presented live on Charli’s profile, with the participation of other creators: Avani, Madi Monroe, Markell Washington, Curtis Newbill, Caroline Ricke and Phoebe Hines. While Charli and Dixie were conducting the show, all their guests were preparing to parade in the beautiful set created for this event.

Prices start from 25 euros and they get to the 85 euros. There are those who think that they are honest prices and those who think that the price is dictated by the presence of D’Amelio. All garments are available in Hollister &Co stores and on their online site, which also shippes to Italy.

The price might be understandable given everything they create or sponsor is inevitably sold, just like the collections of makeup and mattresses they devised. In fact, part of their fandom competes with who manages to get all the pieces of the collection first! What do you think?

update May 6, 2021 – For fashion enthusiasts, this will be very interesting news. Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, the most famous sisters of TikTok, today announced the surprise birth of their first clothing brands. The brand will be called “Social Tourist” and was born thanks to a partnership between D’Amelio and Hollister. This is not a simple collaboration like any other. This time Charli and Dixie were involved in every aspect of the brand, including product selection, design, positioning, marketing.

In fact “Social Tourist” was imagined by the two sisters on the basis of their tastes and will follow the trends of generation z. Charli and Dixie offered their vision on the brand, Hollister’s talents created the garments following their ideas. The brand will have four distinct clothing lines: each collection will include limited edition items, with new products coming about every month. Among the garments there will be sports suits, T-shirts for men and women, as well as swimsuits, jackets, dresses, skirts and accessories such as socks, hats and water bottles.


Social Tourist, the brand of Charli and Dixie: can you also buy it in Italy?

“Designs that reflect Dixie’s personality are a bit edgier, with dark color palettes and patterns. Mine, on the other hand, will have super feminine and cute atmospheres“, Charli told the press. ” We’ve always loved fashion and it was great to be so involved in this process,” Dixie said. The only thing we know is that the brand should be available froml 20 May with the placing on the market of the first 80 garments with prices that will fluctuate between the 10 and 80 dollars. You can buy them exclusively in American Hollister stores (at the moment it does not seem expected to debut in Italy) and online on the official website of Social Tourist.

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