Some iPhone 15 Pros have peeling edges

A group of users have noticed that their iPhone 15 Pro has aesthetic issues around the edges, apparently it’s more serious than it seems.

Some iPhone 15 Pros have peeling edges
iPhone 15 Pro is peeling around the edges

This is reported An aesthetic issue that affects iPhone 15 Pro users. According to a user report on Reddit, The edges of the iPhone are peeling to the point where the adhesive is starting to peel off. Despite the use of a protective case, this indicates that the entire back looked like a kind of sticker that was about to peel off from the iPhone body.

The edges of the iPhone 15 Pro have a serious problem

A strange issue that is only affecting a small percentage of iPhone 15 Pro users so far. Another user on the same network comments that “there’s a lot of black stuff sticking out of the edges.” He realized this because he wanted to clean the case and then the device..

On the other side, The user indicated that he gave his iPhone 15 Pro to Apple 2 days after purchasing it.. Experts explained that the adhesive that holds the back cover in place was not applied correctly. The device was completely replaced.

The adhesive that holds the back of the iPhone is peeling off

The adhesive that holds the back of the iPhone is peeling off

They advise that if you have an iPhone with this problem, you should avoid contact with any liquids.. It will probably eventually peel off and the back will come off completely.

Source manufacturing problem

There is one important point that is very important to clarify. In the previous generation iPhone 14 Pro, if the back panel was damaged, the entire unit had to be replaced. Now the iPhone 15 can only be replaced with the back, which is made of glass.

The repair method may be an issue that is affecting this number of users who have reported this issue. Similar problems have not yet been reported with other iPhone 15 models.. Another detail to take into account could be the titanium material, although the edge attached to the iPhone is thanks to the adhesive mentioned later.

Important, that If you notice any details on your iPhone 15 Pro on one of the edges you can contact Apple support first. Most likely, you will be asked to take it to the nearest Apple Store for appropriate diagnostics and most likely they will replace the equipment.

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