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01.07.2024 at 12:44


Euribor, whose abbreviation is “Euro Interbank Offered Rate”, This is the interest rate that applies between financial institutions when short-term loans are made between them. offer to third parties.

This figure, calculated by the European Central Bank (ECB), becomes the benchmark for many banks for floating rate mortgages. Therefore, the cost of these loans is very important because if the Euribor rate rises because banks charge higher interest rates to other banks for lending them money, mortgages will become more expensive. On the other hand, if this figure falls, mortgages will become cheaper.

Anyone with a variable mortgage has suffered in recent months. Euribor never stopped growing, and therefore his monthly fee too. In October it reached its highest level since 2008, when it reached 4.16%..

Euribor price today

Today’s index, July 1stays in 3.567% (-0.011), and the average for this seventh month of the year is set at 3,567% (-0.083). Regarding the expected mean, we are faced with 3.567%.

Three million homes left unprotected from significant rise in gas bills

The government stepped up during the worst of times energy crisiswhile prices are reaching historical highs, throttle speed control assistance system. The mechanism has been in operation for almost three years. Until now.

The government is extending subsidies in successive anti-crisis packages to limit the increases that could be applied to gas tariffs in extreme cases (TUR), but The system will cease to operate on Monday, July 1. And more than three million homes will be left without shields a law that prevented your gas bill from increasing significantly.

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