Stellantis in the USA gives the ultimatum to its employees

There comes a real ultimatum for the employees of the group Stellantis in the United States. The company headed by the CEO Carlos Tavares has in practice forced its approximately 14,000 employees in its US plants to vaccinate all against Covid-19 within the next January 5th. The first dose must necessarily take place by December 4th. Those who refuse will be dismissed.

Stellantis obliges all its 14,000 employees in the US to vaccinate by next January 5th

Stellantis it also stated that around 80 percent of its employees are already vaccinated. The automotive group born from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA will consider religious and medical exemptions for employees who cannot be vaccinated.

Those who cannot justify their lack of vaccination with an exemption and are not fully vaccinated by the set deadline will be placed on unpaid leave of absence. 30 days and could be fired later. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the company.

With this move Stellantis aims to ensure the safest possible working environment. Car manufacturers in the US have long been reluctant to force their employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, but things seem to have changed in recent times. Even the union UAW he is in favor of vaccination even if he does not appreciate the fact that employees are forced to undergo dismissal.

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Dismissal is expected for Stellantis employees in the USA who do not get vaccinated by January 5th

The automaker thus joins Ford in requiring vaccinations for US employees. At the time of the three major American carmakers, only General Motors has not imposed the vaccine even though it is in favor of it. We will therefore see how the situation at home will evolve Stellantis in the United States and what other news will come about this situation in the coming weeks.

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