Step aside Zoë Kravitz! This beautiful Catwoman cosplay is the one we want to see in The Batman

Catwoman is one of the dc comics characters interesting ones that exist: not only did she grow up in the darkest area of ​​Gotham City (forging herself there as an anti-heroine), but she also has an extraordinary beauty, which has certainly been well portrayed by Zoë Kravitz. However, we believe that the following cosplay asks nothing of the version of Selina Kyle from The Batman, as it has proven to be captivating while being faithful to Catwoman.

Batman’s femme fatale

Image: Madam Taka (DeviantArt)

Seeing the work Madam Taka has done, we can’t help but feel quite amazed at her portrayal of cat womanand it is that in addition to having been faithfully characterized as the character, we can not help but feel stunned by the beauty of the artist.

In this way we can notice that the cosplayer is wearing a tight skin suit, which has decided to try performing one of the classic postures of the most elusive thief in DC Comics.

Image: Madam Taka (DeviantArt)

In the following image from the Madam Taka set we can see Catwoman again, but now offering us a certainly different profile: lying on the ground like a playful little kitten, doing justice in a rather naive way to the nickname that this thief gave herself. Perhaps these gestures have been the ones that have fallen in love with Batman?

Image: Madam Taka (DeviantArt)

Of all the female characters in DC Comics, there is no doubt that Catwoman is one of the most attractive as well as one of the strongest: of course, we are not talking about physical strength, but about all those small skills that together have endowed the Gotham City anti-heroine with the necessary strength to face any type of adversity. In this sense, we believe that Madam Taka’s cosplay has perfectly portrayed this profile, deserving a place in batmanalbeit as an extra for Zoë Kravitz.

And you, what do you think of this Catwoman cosplay?


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