Summary of the match America vs Puebla (3-2). GOALS

Mexico City /

América flew into the Semifinals, this team has champion material and not only because of the way they got up from last place, but because none of those who are in the league has the formula to stop the tanoneta that goes like a farm horse towards 14.

The lap in the Aztec against Puebla was one more example that this team is made for big things, they were forceful and once again the figure of Paco Memo when he was needed and therefore the 3-2 it is more than fair.

The Eagles They covered the football arbitration controversy of the second half when Fernando Guerrero decided to repeat a penalty that he had already covered Anthony Silva because supposedly the Paraguayan had gone ahead.

The game was dominated from start to finish by a America who showed hunger from the first minute and who without despair and accompanied by his fans that filled the Aztec he got the first of the afternoon through Henry Martín at 42′.

The pleasure of the team did not last long Tano go ahead on the scoreboard because before the end of the first half The fringe tied him through Israel Kings.

In the second half there was only one team on the field and that was the America of the Tanowhich although with controversy was put forward by that repeated penaltywith a lot of football and forcefulness they covered that up and with a goal manufactured by Valdes but noted by Zendejasthe Eagles advanced to the Semifinals.

Fernando Aristeguieta scored a penalty at minute 97but it was too late to do anything on the global scoreboard.

The Eagles they are in Semis and for their Hierarchy in Mexican soccer are the main candidate for the title, above Pachuca Y tigers who were first and second in the table during the regular tournament.

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