Super Eleven Draw 3 Results

With Super Once you can win by matching three lucky picks. (Information)

These are the winning results of the drawing Super Eleven today, june 30, completed by juegos once (National Organization of the Spanish Blind)one of the main lotteries in Spain, which delivers millions of euros in prizes.

Remember that all winning tickets count as one Date of Expirythat is, the limit on the possibility of receiving a prize.

In the case of draws conducted by Juegos Once awards never expires provided that you purchased a ticket on the official website.

If you did this at an authorized point of sale or official seller, you can write them off up to thirty calendar days The countdown starts from the next day after the drawing.

Date: June 30.

Type: Circulation 3 at 14:00.

Winning combination: 02 03 28 33 45 49 51 52 55 64 65 66 67 68 71 73 75 81 82 85.

Every day, from Monday to Sunday, there are three Super Once draws:

He Draw 1 celebrated in 10:00 am. and you can buy your combination until 9:40 am.

He Draw 2 happens in 12:00 hours and you can buy your combination until 11:40.

He Draw 3 celebrated in 14:00. and you can buy your combination until 13:40.

He Draw 4 celebrated in 5:00 p.m. and you can buy your combination until 16:40.

He Draw 5 celebrated in 21:15. and you can buy your combination until 20:45.

Don’t know how to play Super Once? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how (File)

To play Super Once, you need to choose your lucky number, which must be a combination of a minimum of five and a maximum of eleven digits, chosen between numbers from 1 to 85.

After determining the winning combination, you must choose the amount of your game: a minimum of one euro and a maximum of 10 euros.

Depending on the numbers that make up your combination and the amount played, you can win different prizes.

You can buy a Super Once ticket online on the official Juegos Once website. You can also buy it from any official seller or authorized ONCE points of sale.

If you win a prize, you can receive it in two ways:

If you made your purchase through a retailer or authorized retailer, you can claim your prize directly from them, ONCE centers or authorized banking institutions.

But if you made a purchase through the official Juegos Once website, the amount will automatically go to your user account.

It is important to note that you must be of legal age to enter any Juegos Once Sweepstakes.

Proceeds from Juego Once giveaways support employment, education, access to technology and various services that make life easier for people with disabilities.

One of the main features of the Super Once draw is the variety of prizes you can get for just one euro, and how they increase if you bet more.

If your bet is one euro, you can win up to 1 million euros if you match all eleven numbers in the winning combination. However, by paying 10 euros, the maximum prize limit increases to 10 million euros.

For a higher chance of winning, your bet can consist of five numbers, but the more digits in your lucky number and the higher the amount paid, the bigger the prize you can get.

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