Surgery and non-invasive treatments performed by an aesthetic medical professional, such as Doctor Luigi Grossi

Surgery and non-invasive treatments performed by an aesthetic medical professional, such as Doctor Luigi Grossi

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments are effective and dispense with surgical interventions, which is why they have gained international notoriety. An aesthetic doctor is the one who must perform them, guaranteeing a more agile recovery process compared to conventional procedures.

Doctor Luigi Grossi is a health professional specialized in aesthetic medicine with advanced techniques of the latest technology designed for the well-being of the patient. Doctor Luigi Grossi works in four specialized centers: Bofill Platja D’Aro Clinic, Bofill Olot Clinic, Bofill Clinic in Figueras and Adah Palamós Clinic.

The types of surgery and non-invasive aesthetic treatments that can be carried out by an aesthetic doctor

An aesthetic medicine professional is trained to perform non-invasive procedures with total effectiveness and surgeries that adapt to the needs of each patient. Doctor Luigi Grossi offers his services in the province of Girona, standing out in his work as an overqualified professional with extensive experience developing treatments that combine state-of-the-art equipment with the precise application of their knowledge in aesthetic medicine to obtain beneficial results, taking into account the particularities of each person.

In this sense, aesthetic doctors can develop all aesthetic treatments that dispense with surgical interventions and are subject to their knowledge as professionals, so they are qualified to offer a wide variety of services with the greatest scientific rigor.

Aesthetic treatments without surgery in Girona

Doctor Luigi Grossi is an expert in treatments such as facial biostimulation that promotes the production of collagen in the face, carboxytherapy to treat cellulite and orange peel skin, buttock augmentation and lift with hyaluronic acid filler without surgery, and mandibular profiling. and chin to define said area.

This aesthetic doctor is also a reference in non-surgical rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty), the peeling chemical facial with chemical solutions that are not harmful to the skin, capillary biostimulation to promote hair growth, and laser treatment of stretch marks. The laser tattoo removal treatment implemented by Dr. Luigi Grossi and his facial rejuvenation and hydration treatment that protects cells from oxidation, improving the appearance of his patients’ skin from the first application, have also gained notoriety.

Other non-invasive procedures performed by Dr. Luigi Grossi are abdominal contouring with the Hifu technique that treats flaccid skin and laser liposuction without surgery. Likewise, its facial and body treatments are recognized, such as lipocavitation, which eliminates localized fat in the thighs and buttocks without any surgical procedure..

Doctor Luigi Grossi’s consultation hours vary according to the medical center where he is located, so it is pertinent to visit his website to request an appointment at the closest clinic with availability.

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