Surprising! This is what Lizzy Caplan looks like today, actress who gave life to “Janis Ian” in Mean Girls

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Tape “Mean Girls” (2004) became a film classic in the 2000s thanks to its iconic phrases and characters that captivated millions of people around the world. Within the list of characters within the story, ‘Janis Ian’ stood out, who was played by Lizzy Caplan.

Let’s remember that ‘Janis Ian’ He was a key player in the development of the story.since she served as a friend of Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) and the mastermind behind the revenge against Regina George (Rachel McAdams). But… what happened to the actress after her success in the film? Here we tell you.

Behind this iconic character is the actress Elizabeth Caplan, better known as Lizzy, who from an early age began taking drama and comedy classes while studying at Alexander Hamilton High School.

During her years of acting training, the young participated in plays such as “Much noise and few nuts”which would later earn him access to television with the series “Freaks and Geeks, where he shared credits with James Franco.

It should be noted that before his chance on the big screen came, he appeared in various series including Smallville and Once and Again. It was in the year 2004 when Lizzy Caplan got the role of ‘Janis Ian’ for the tape starring Lindsay Lohan.

It was such a success that the film amassed, that the famous 39-year-old secured roles in various productions, including the series: “The Pitts”, “Tru Calling” and “Related”; however, the latter was canceled after the premiere of the first season.

To date, Lizzy Caplan has had special appearances in several projects, among which are: World War Z, 127 hours, Bachelorette, The Interview, The Night Before, Allies and Extinctionto name a few.

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