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Unique Group is not only the first horticultural exporter of Spain, which is already important enough. In addition, the company from Almería has spent years making its workers aware of how important it is to lead a healthy life both for personal well-being and for subsequent performance in their job.

That is why the cooperative has developed among its employees and families the program unique wellness, that yesterday united with Mark Vazquez, blogger and creator of Revolutionary Fitness, a program not only of physical training, but a way of life. It is about uniting the labor philosophy of Onlyits essence as a company, with the innovative global health that the Spanish coach and writer is committed to.

In a packed auditorium of PITA’s Pitágoras Building, Vazquez presented the keys to his program to the employees of Unique Group. “More than a decade ago I started communicating about things that I didn’t see much point in, like eating five times a day, doing intermittent fasting, the need to gain muscle mass… When I talked about these ideas and people applied them and they were doing well, they told me that it was very revolutionary because they broke with myths that existed”, something that permeated society: “It was a movement that started with a friend, from there I started a blog that started with a thousand visits a month to more than a million. From the blog to YouTube and, now, to opening events like this one from Unique Wellness”.

The author of several books spoke of the importance of eating healthy, something that the Almeria cooperative has been exporting to the world for years. “We have to change the concept of diet. In its Greek etymology, it means lifestyle, but we have turned it into a period of sacrifice. Only It produces vegetables with incredible flavors and you can cook very healthy and very tasty dishes. Also, it’s okay to include a treat from time to time: if 80% of your food is healthy, it’s okay to eat a pizza or drink a beer.”

He acted as master of ceremonies Henry of the Rivers, manager of Unica Group. His masterful presentation served not only to explain the virtues and benefits of the company, but also to motivate and fill the employees with desire to join Revolutionary Fitness with Unique Wellness. “In this program what we want is to give ourselves a boost after how badly we had it with the coronavirus. We want a better life both personally and within the company. All of us who work here must know that we are in a company that cares about them and that takes care of them. We are lucky to be in a company that has a future and we want the people who work here to have the best possible well-being. As Marcus Aurelius said, the quality of your life is the quality of your thoughts. You have to start taking care of yourself to take care, for example, of a company”, pointed out the manager.

The myth of not having time

One of the things he insisted on the most Mark Vazquez It is in becoming aware of the importance of dividing the time well so that there is an opportunity to work, to be with family and friends, in addition to taking time out to do physical exercises. There is plenty of time at the end of the day, what is needed is to distribute yourself well and be motivated to face all the challenges. “Another of the myths that I try to dismantle is that we have to train for a long time and it is not true. We can do very effective training in half an hour, it’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of priorities. It is what I have talked to people about, that they understand what global health is and give them some tools to carry it out. If we do an audit of each person’s time, we will surely find gaps to train”.

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