Sydney Sweeney on the casting process for ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’

Sydney Sweeney has been racking up her fair share of attention lately. Recently, it was announced that the Euphoria the actor would be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The car enthusiast has been cast alongside Dakota Johnson in lady web. But the upcoming Sony movie isn’t Sweeney’s first foray into a big movie. In 2019, she landed a coveted role in the Quentin Tarantino movie. Once upon a time… in Hollywood.

Joining the cast of ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’ was a dream for Sydney Sweeney

In Once upon a time… in Hollywood, Sweeney played a young Manson named Snake. While the role wasn’t a big one, it was a big deal for the Washington native. The role marked the first time Sweeney would bring a real person to life. Additionally, Sweeney worked alongside an A-list cast and learned from actors she had admired for years.

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