They want Viñas in Europe, the condition that America would put to let him go

Vineyards America January 26, 2023 10:53 p.m. Federico Viñas is currently one of the players most criticized by the América fans, because after several years in which the Uruguayan striker has shown a rather poor level, it seems that the América board has tired of him and they are looking to get rid of 24 … Read more

Neither Pachuca nor MLS, the whim that America would comply with Viñas to get him out of Coapa

Federico Vinas January 26, 2023 8:13 p.m. For several seasons now, Federico Viñas has not been at the level of Club América, the one who came to Coapa and surprised in his first games is a totally different player from the one América has today and his poor numbers have caused him to be on … Read more

He swore love to America, the betrayal that Viñas made to the eagles for a few millions

Federico Vinas. January 13, 2023 7:44 p.m. The arrival of Federico Viñas to América was a special case in Coapa because a few years ago he was a total unknown in Mexican soccer and there were not so many expectations about him but he quickly earned the affection of the fans with goals and good … Read more

America will begin the Clausura 2023 with a full car of foreigners Half time

The output of Bruno Valdez opened the scene to AmericaWell, without the Paraguayan, who joined Jorge Mereby not entering into plans of Fernando Ortizare already covered 10 places for foreigners of the cream-blue team for the Closing 2023 and, although they will be registered for the next contest, there are some who could still leave. … Read more