Ortiz breaks the silence, the culprit that America could not win Toluca

Tano Ortiz and America vs Toluca January 14, 2023 11:41 p.m. Fernando Ortiz is officially beginning his second season in charge of América without counting his internship, that is why the pressure feels different from last tournament and he knows that he has to give the team the title no matter what. América once again … Read more

Diego Lainez, Alvaro Fidalgo and Fernando Ortiz

The news of the day in America, with the hope of having Diego Lainez, the absence of Álvaro Fidalgo in training and the anger with Fernando Ortíz. For Alejo Iwan 01/11/2023 – 10:56am CST Comments 01/11/2023 – 10:56am CST © ImagoIs Lainez’s second stage in America coming up? The week did not start in the … Read more

Bruno Valdez says goodbye to América and unloads against Tano Ortiz

Valdez’s discharge to Ortiz after his departure from America January 10, 2023 7:26 p.m. Bruno Valdez finally said goodbye to América in the middle of some heartfelt words, however, he launched a charge against Fernando Ortiz, coach of the Azulcrema team, who did not give him his vote of confidence in the team and in … Read more

At the whim of Ortiz, the Argentine who could reach America

Tano Ortiz January 2, 2023 3:15 p.m. Much is said about the possible signings that Club América could make prior to the start of the season against Querétaro. Among the most popular names is Raúl Jiménez, Diego Lainez or Carlos Vela, and despite the fact that anyone could make a change at the club, it … Read more