Board adds Artificial Intelligence in fight against stroke and heart attacks

One in three deaths (28%) in the province are caused by cardiovascular disease. That is why the so-called lipid control is a “priority” in health policies, as highlighted yesterday by the consultant Alejandro Vazquez, who announced that the Board will develop a “pioneering” system thanks to Artificial Intelligence to prevent cardio and cerebrovascular diseases. ¬ęThe … Read more

Six Women Die Every Hour From Heart Diseases: What Are The Reasons?

Every year approximately 54,000 women die from diseases related to the heart and circulatory system (hypertension, ischemia or heart failure), which is the main cause of death far more than respiratory diseases and tumors, a fact that is not adequately understood . For this reason, on behalf of the Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC) they … Read more

Demi Lovato publishes rock version of Heart Attack Grupo Milenio

After Demi Lovato collaborated with her song Still alive for the soundtrack of the new Scream 6 movie, the singer has once again surprised her followers by premiering a rock version of her song heart attack, that It was a trend in 2013. It is not surprising that the former Disney star is committed to … Read more