This is the REASON the Beckhams ended their friendship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Written in TRENDS He 01.08.2023 21:18 show business and royalty witnessed the astonishing destruction friendship between a former footballer David Beckham And Prince Harry And Meghan Markle. The close relationship that Beckham the royal couple appears to be dead amid allegations of leaking information about the dukes Sussex. The news caused a stir in the … Read more

causes for breaking apart their friendship

The friendship between David and Victoria Beckham and the Dukes of Sussex has been probably the most distinguished of their circle of pals. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The movie star couple bonded with the Sussexes by means of Izzy May, communications director for David Beckham, who was a good friend Markus Anderson, membership of … Read more

Penelope dazzles in Bombay like a princess

The actress shone this weekend at the Nita Mukesh Ambani with a pink look with a signature cape that has also dressed celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Meghan Markle. The Spanish actress Penélope Cruz shone this weekend in Bombay with a pink dress with cape by Tamara Ralpha firm that has also been worn … Read more

this is how to wear the pencil skirt to stylize

Queen Letizia has done it again. After returning to normal after his trip to the funeral of Constantine of Greece (and leaving aside his incredible appearance in the FITUR fair), the Kings have attended an act in the Royal Spanish Academy where his styling (again) has not gone unnoticed. His presence required “work matters”. Therefore, … Read more

this is the prince harry book

As in his time on the battlefields of Afghanistan, prince harry He pulled the trigger and fired a missile that blew everything up. A bomb of 550 pages which is already a literary milestone with millions of copies sold —something less and less common in the more visual and less textual world of the 21st … Read more

The houses of celebrities affected by the wave of cyclones in California

The astonishing wave of cyclones that has been sweeping California in recent days and that have left the terrible number of at least 17 people dead, has especially affected the Montecito area, the neighboring town of Los Angeles that has become famous precisely for hosting a multitude of celebrities. Now, all of them have received … Read more

Prince Harry to publish his autobiographical book

Prince Harry to publish his autobiographical book for Drafting | Jan 7, 2023 In “Spare: In the Shadow” the Duke of Sussex wrote his darkest memories during his adolescence while he was part of the crown In September 2020, Prince Harry Y Meghan Markle They decided that it was a good idea to sign a … Read more