Adriana Karembé plaque Stomi Bugsy, Natalie Portman demands divorce; Charlene de Monaco is the dresser, Meghan Markle is the editor at work; Flavie Flamant at the festival of joy, Queen Camilla does not freeze you



Charlene de Monaco a le Dressing le plus cher des Têtes Couronnées: 371,821 euros depending on the late year for yourself. And this is a colossal saving that will allow you to budget for a refund for next year. Contrary to your colleagues Kate Middleton or Laetitia d’Espagne, you don’t believe in inexpensive things for Olympic adults, no, no, no. In the morning his works cost 3,000 euros, but the return of style and morality is nothing more than a price.

Natalie Portman has confirmed her divorce. Without ever mentioning Benjamin Millepied, the American actress confirmed that she had decided to demand a divorce after a preliminary reconciliation that never took place. At this point, two ex vivos performed an encore in Paris or were explorers of the leurs deux enfants, Aleph, 12, and Amalia, 6. During the spring days, the choreographer was photographed with Camille Etienne, an environmental activist for 26 years.

Flavie Flament montre son c… on the Internet, and this is intentional. The presentation became a rage on the Internet and was available after moving to television. “These are the celebrations of life, the celebrations of joy” in the écrit en légende accompanying the ode bien Tournée à l’amour de soi. Anna, good start!

Delon’s Le roman (de gare) was written directly. There is a person at the scene conducting espionage and secret recordings. Anushka commands the surveillance of Soul’s life and deals with the security agent in charge of everyone’s notes. Les garçons à leur Tour, tombés sur le carnet secret auraient debuter des enregistrements secrets to take by surprise the conversations between a girl and her father. Good day. And after the exchange of statements and interim paroles, it was during the Benjamin tour. Alain-Fabien rejoices in the sun and believes in Paris-Match: the son does not say plus, if he is at morning or evening, he is a tyrant, he sees the range of the cat de son, brother and caution, to the son of affection à Hiromi. We also learned that it was decided to leave part of the actor’s fortune to him: 50% for his daughter, 25 for Chacun de Garçons. And he took this very file.

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Jasmine Grimaldi joins insta-droite with Charlene de Monaco; Madonna will be in Normandy, Adriana Karembé in Marrakich; David Guetta attends Paris Hilton’s 3rd party in Little London; Gerard Depardieu lands in Portugal; Adele is getting married

Meghan Markle is snobbish and humiliated by the Golden Globes. The Duchess was the only person casting Suits in the series that made celebrities like all the actors sitting on stage to return the prize. « Elle clame partout qu’elle n’était pas dispo, la verité, c’est qu’elle n’était pas invitée. Bim, in the teeth. And for ne rien arranger – host of the evening, l’a utilisée comme cible de ses vannes pour faire rire l’assemblée (et ça a Marché) on the theme “Harry and Meghan touch millions à ne rien faire”. Closer et Public font déjà le point sur ce début d’année, and it is not brilliant: the son of an agent l’aurait déclassée: elle ne serait proposée et encore du bout des lèvres seulement pour des conférences, même plus pour des rôles et You’ve probably heard about the collaboration with Spotify, which gained access to us, in the house of the publication, to see 3 chapters of the biography, announced even before the start of Oseil. “Megan is furious. She should not be an ordinary person who is a self-testing person. »

And then at the Golden Globes with the participation of Timothée Chalamet and Kayla Jenner they were published publicly. As he approaches the dinner table, he holds on to the main thing and his meme in his arms. “History” debuted six months after the meeting in Paris, in the fashion show of Jean-Paul Gaultier. At the evening, the petite Kardashian sisters also met Selena Gomez’s crocodiles, who demanded selfies in the actor’s style. On the contrary, the singer will play at the party, dancing in the glow of the best girl who agreed with Taylor Swift.

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Charlene de Monaco, grade l’epaule, Camilla, son of the sword, Prince Louis perd un doigt; Madonna flaunts Victoria Beckham’s toy son, “Les Fesses de David”; Felipe and Letizia d’Espagne-Surient, Juan Carlos les jette aux chiens; Tom Cruise’s grave in Russa

Jodie Foster said everything the boomers were thinking: “La genZ est vraiment pénible”: in an interview with l’actrice a décrit les vingtenaires comme des Tire-au-Flanc. When you look at a good time at the bureau, you will respond, “Nan, I don’t feel like you, you’re coming at 10:30 today.” Another example donné au micro: “when ils écrivent des e-mails et que je leur dis: “mais c’est plein de fautes, tu ne t’es pas relu? » Ils respondent » What I like most is this contradicts nan? » From tête-à-clack.

Return to celibacy for Adriana Karembé: love story with Stomi Bugsy ends in chocolate after my life together. “The couple could not stand the test of fate together” and for the public, plus sadness, this is the rapper: in love, he was waiting for me to decide to “give up the conquests of the evening” and the installer in Marrakech with the mannequin “Combination of Joy”.

Sofia Vergara is at her most attractive in her new role. L’actrice se range plutôt dans la catégorie belle plante d’habitude et la, elle a dû porter des fausses dents, une prothèse de front et… un soutien-gorge qui lui écrasait la poitrine pour “paraitre moins latin”, selon ses propres You will say Result is a bluff.

Khloe Kardashian chose Une d’un magazine and a device that could be compared to her family habits, but be more careful of the meme in the air. Etats-Unis obliging, ledit bout de Chair est savammentcache derrière une pomme.

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Laura Smet with Letitia Holliday; Jasmine Grimaldi – mother of Charlene de Monaco; Adele Exarchopoulos, François Civil, Audrey Fleurot, teton de son mari; Dominique Tapie voit Bernard reincarné en cèpe; Kim Kardashian loves, Ben Affleck loves

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on their 20th anniversary. The couple spent the end of the year in Australia and hit the beaches of Sydney in search of profit. L’ex de Tom Cruise a un corps de reve et son mari musicien n’est pas mal non plus. Of the two: elle en maillot ultra couvrant (actually a t-shirt with UV protection) and lui, tout en tatouages ​​et en short grunge, bras dessus, bras dessous, elle la main sur ses épaules, le cheveu au vent, when the main neglect happens in these (micro) classes, on leur donnerait 20 ans. De face un peu plus.

And finally, ahead of Cooper: Cristiano Ronaldo goes to Moman: he offers the Porsche Cayenne enrubannée d’un gros noud rouge pour ses 69 ans. According to the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk is a multiple drug addict: ketamine, LSD, mushrooms, marijuana, the man with the world’s richest – defoncé plus souvent qu’à son Tour, en privé comme au boulot. Reply with a baby emoji. For the son of the Rhine Lecture Club, Camilla chose fiction that tells the story of the prize in the family of King Charles and her mother, Elizabeth II. Et de trois! Tom Cruise hosted the new Top Gun, the stage is working, but only in action, the tour won’t start until Mission: Impossible 8.

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Laetitia Halliday and Marc Lavoine were envoys to Thailand; Madonna Karimeris, Stephanie de Monaco Surmamounis; The Queen of Denmark abdicated the throne for… sa belle-fille; Alessandra Sublet n’a pas froid aux…; Karine Le Marchand made Maurice’s mistake

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