Solidarity and technology at the service of people with Alzheimer’s in Tarifa

lAlzheimer’s disease is so complex, it has so many aspects, and it affects so many things and so many people that it can sometimes be difficult to identify what the priorities are. However, there’s one thing doctors, paramedics, experts, patients and relatives agree on: the effects are slow. Cognitive impairment is characterized by a decrease … Read more

Solidarity campaign with the Elena Barraquer Foundation in Honduras

Saturday, August 5th, 2023 at 10:05 PM Dr. Joaquín Fernández, Medical Director of QVision (Ophthalmology Unit of Vitas Almería Hospital), participates in a solidarity surgical campaign together with the Elena Barraquer Foundation, of which he is the founding patron, in their fight against avoidable blindness in the countries involved in the process Is. Of development. … Read more

What happened on March 16?

These were the 2 most important events that occurred on March 16: What happened on March 16? Who was born on March 16? Horoscope: What zodiac sign do those born on March 16 have? Saints of the day March 16: Whose saint is it today?, according to the Catholic saints. Who passed away on March … Read more