Piero Quispe causes Alejandro Ramos’ own goal in the 1-0 Universitario vs. Melgar VIDEO Liga1 trcm | SPORTS

academic He begins to get out of his bad moment and he does it with a fortuitous play that also helps him to forget about the defeats. about 56 minutes Piero Quispe He found his best version in 2023 and stepped on the area of melgar of Arequipawith danger, taking out a powerful cross that … Read more

Roberto Chale’s children deny help from Jean Ferrari: “You should be ashamed”

The state of health of Roberto Chale and everything he went through in the last few months. However, the children of the historic soccer player of the Peruvian National Team could not take it anymore and attacked Jean Ferrari, administrator of the student team, through a message that was published on the same official account … Read more

University of Sports ruled on the possible return of Alex Valera

The administrator of Universitario de Deportes, Jean Ferrari, explained the situation of Alex Valera in Al Fateh. In interview with PTR He pointed out that the 26-year-old Peruvian striker was “badly advised” when he left the cream team for the Saudi Arabian club and that the results are now being seen. Then, Ferrari He pointed … Read more