Zendaya surprised with her presentation at Coachella by singing ‘All for us’, a song from the Euphoria series

All the attendees of the Coachella festival were surprised when Zendaya took the stage to sing the song ‘All for us’ with Labrinth. The actress caused controversy by interpreting this melody, since they use it in the soundtrack of the Euphoria series. Zendaya Presentation One of the most impressive moments that has been experienced in … Read more

Sensual pet surprises with her movements and they compare her with Shakira | Viral | TikTok | nndatr | news | VIRAL

A quiet beach outing with their owners became the perfect opportunity for an animal to gain popularity on the short video platform. The publication that was shown on the internet revealed that A bitch has gained fame on social media for the way she moved when he came out of the sea Here you know … Read more

Katy Perry makes off-the-cuff comment; They ask to CANCEL IT Grupo Milenio

Katy Perry, the most famous Pop star of the 2010s, returned to the public eye after starting a family with Orlando Bloombut his return was not what he expected since he is in a new controversy, this after he made a joke to a participant in the program American Idol. Katy Perry is part of … Read more

Billie Eilish. They confuse actress Ana Pau Castell with singer Grupo Milenio

Ana Pau Castella Mexican actress who has appeared in telenovelas such as relatives by force or in the movie poor rich familywas confused with the singer billie eilish during the presentation of the American at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. As revealed by the actress through TikTok, she revealed a video in which was … Read more

They criticize Juan de Dios Pantoja for joking Kimberly Loaiza: “the hot air balloon falls”

This Saturday, April 1, a tragedy that occurred in Teotihuacán shocked the country due to the way in which a father and his wife died while traveling in a hot air balloon. At the same time that the news spread, the influencer Juan de Dios Pantoja published his new video on YouTube, which is about … Read more

Reference to Shakira and scolding her children: Piqué’s uncomfortable moments in the Kings League final | Society

Some viral videos show some embarrassing moments Piqué experienced in the Kings League final last Sunday. One record shows the moment in which a group of rappers mention Shakira’s famous song with Bizarrap, while another shows the moment in which the former Barcelona player draws attention, in an airy way, to his children. The kings … Read more

Katy Perry made a mistake in tanning in the music video and it was very expensive

After 12 years of music video of Katy Perry in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, ‘California gurls’the pop singer revealed a secret that cost her dearly for make a mistake in the tanning process. The now wife of Orlando Bloom, Katy Perryalready an expert at looking beautiful on camera, however, inexperience a decade ago caused her … Read more

The video that Shakira does not want you to see and that has revolutionized the networks for its content

03/18/2023 On at 1:40 p.m. TEC Shakira has spent many years in the spotlight on the international scene thanks to her great professional career, and what is now added, their recent separation that has placed the Colombian singer at the center of the media hurricane. A trajectory achieved thanks to his spectacular voice and hip … Read more

A video of a strong discussion between Shakira and Piqué’s mother comes to light!

03/16/2023 at 10:53 TEC Outrage on Twitter for the spectacular video The relationship between the singer and her mother-in-law was never very buoyant The networks have seen how the controversy returns to splash Shakira and Piqué’s entourage. It’s nothing new, nothing else has happened, but the internet is capricious and in the case of viral … Read more

Lady Gaga and her great gesture at the Oscars 2023

Lady Gaga She has been one of the most anticipated celebrities on this night of the Oscar 203 awards. The singer and actress paraded down the red carpet of the ceremony and her winning look has not been the only thing commented on her step. Razzie Awards: Adria, Ricardo Arjona’s daughter wins an award for … Read more