Take a deep breath before seeing this image of “El Puma” José Luis Rodríguez and Julio Iglesias 30 years ago

Popularly known as “The Puma”, José Luis Rodríguez, maintains a friendship with what may be his European peer if we are talking about successes; Julio Iglesias Y Jose Luis Rodriguez They have known each other for more than 30 years. On some occasion, Iglesias has come to ensure that one of his greatest friends in the middle is “The PumaRodriguez.

Even their friendship goes beyond remembered artistic collaborations such as “Torero”, a well-known song that they sing together; coming to share dinners, lunches, visits and all kinds of moments of friendship. But as we shall see Jose Luis Rodriguez and Julio Iglesias have their character, which has led them to have certain bitterness between them.

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