“Take care of your party”, Francisco Javier García to César Fernández

The member of Political Committee and coordinator of the follow-up commission for the citizen consultation of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Francisco Javier García, responded to César Fernández, from the Political Directorate of the People’s Force, about an alleged exodus of purple militants towards the political organization that president Leonel Fernandez.

“I could tell César, take care of your party that we take care of in ours, but I am not going to tell him,” Javier García said.

The peledeíste reminded Fernández that the People’s Force ordered its members not to get involved in the consultation on October 16, PLD. “You are violating the provisions of the People’s Force. So, the advice is, César, when you have nothing to say, don’t go to any program », he said.

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The responses of the also former Minister of Tourism, which were given on Super 7 FM during an interview, are due to the fact that Fernández specified that there are four PLD members who will go to the People’s Force after the internal consultation of the purple party.

Leonel is the favourite, says Fernandez

Fernández assured that “the serious polls” that have been published in the country in recent weeks reflect a resounding rejection of the government’s re-election and give the president of the People’s Force Leonel Fernández as the favorite.

The political leader pointed out that, as can be seen, the government has accelerated the conduct of surveys, which reveals an evident desperation to project an image different from the one perceived by the Dominican people and citizens in general.

“As you can believe in a survey carried out through social networks, when internet penetration in the country is 67%, second, Facebook users are a part of the population, and Twitter is not even said, then, how can a parameter be established to measure things as serious as the social and economic issues of a country based on this type of study; There is no clear sample of which localities were included in that sample, nor which people were surveyed, ”she pointed out.

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