Take one of the best strategy games for PC for less than 6 euros and expand your empire: Civilization VI surprises with a great discount in the Steam Sales – Civilization VI

Civilization VI It is one of those ideal games for a fan of strategysince its excellent premise is combined with crazy updates, additional DLCs And till season passes they do nothing more than broaden the base experience. There are not a few players who have overcome all the obstacles that prevented the expansion of their empire, but the teams of phyraxis Y 2K Games want to bring their game to an even larger number of users with an irresistible offer on Steam.

And it is that, on the occasion of the winter sales, which have given us the opportunity to recommend you to 24 great games for less than 5 eurosCivilization VI now features a 90% discount at its original price. This means that the Firaxis and 2K Games strategy goes from 59.99 euros to only €5.99which is a great incentive to add it to our digital library.

In the event that you have reservations when making this delivery, we encourage you to read our Civilization VI review where we discuss the reasons why it is a genius that is measured in turns. After all, from 3DJuegos we consider that it is “a fantastic strategy video game that lives up to the motto “one more turn and I’m done”, keeping intact the great hallmarks of the franchise while providing important novelties that suit you. brilliant”.

Waiting for Civilization 7

It’s been over 6 years since the initial release of Civilization VI, which is also available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. We still do not have news about the next installment that will continue this acclaimed strategy saga, but its creators do not hesitate to talk about the future of the franchise in an exclusive talk with 3DJuegos which also touches on other topics such as the jump from PC to consoles.

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