Talk with Anaïs Weill, the Argentine actress of ‘Emily in Paris’ now based in Spain

Anaïs Weill embodies in her person everything that we can consider a ‘COOL girl’. Cosmopolitan, elegant, cultured and full of values, this French-Argentinean is a fascinating character who gives and will give a lot to talk about. Actress in successful series such as the production of Netflix, ‘Emily in Paris’, her future as an actress bears, like her, the stamp of international. Currently based in Madrid and with multiple new projects in her sights, this young woman who is not yet in her thirties and who has also done theater, has a promising career ahead of her, imbued with the great passion she has for acting. She press play and share with us the charm and talent of Anaïs Weill.

Anaïs Weill, the Argentine of Emily in Paris

With a life halfway between Buenos Aires and Paris (and a stay in London) Anaïs Weill is a versatile actress who is making her way in the best of ways in an often thankless profession.

A work by actress Anaïs Weill

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“Lily Collins is divine and very hardworking. I became very close friends with Ashle Park who is a great actress who comes from Broadway. In ‘Emily in Paris’ we are a big family»

Anaïs Weill, the Argentine of Emily in Paris
Photo: Seb Pons

“Lily Collins is divine and very hardworking. I became close friends with Ashle Park and a great actress, she comes from Broadway and she’s great. In ‘Emily in Paris’ we are a big family », she tells us. An experience in an international production that will surely repeat soon.

His passage through two seasons of ‘Emily in Paris’

Anais Weill in Emily in Paris
Photo: Netflix

Our interviewee appears in the first two seasons of the successful Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ and, goes for more. If you want to find out about her experience with the team, how she sees Lily Collins, the protagonist and daughter of Phil Collins, the friendship she maintains with Ashley Park, you just have to hit PLAY and enjoy the talk he had with COOL on our set.

Emily in Paris
Photo: Anai Weill

Her acting career in France and other European countries

Anais Weill in France
Photo: Instagram

Although it was in the city of Tango, Buenos Aires, where this young woman took her first steps as a theater actress, it was in France when she was able to reach the ‘small screen’ with various highly successful productions in France and other countries like Portugal.

Anai Weill in Paris

Anais Weill
Photo: Instagram

Your new life in Spain based in Madrid

Eager to gain a foothold in the world of acting in our country, this Franco-Argentine says she feels very comfortable in Spain. She lives in Madrid, she has already visited various parts of the country and she has enjoyed great cultural events such as the Malaga Film Festival, where she claims to have had a gratifying experience.

Talk with Anaïs Weill, the Argentine actress of 'Emily in Paris' now based in Spain
Photo: Anais Weill

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